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Brush One Terminology: Standard and Specialty Brushes


ADT Adapter Style
AH Arbor Hole Wire Diameter
BC Bristle Row Configuration
BD Brush Diameter
FM Fill Material
FT Fountain Tube (Internal Wire Diameter)
FW Face Width
ID Cup Size (Inside Wire Diameter)
KT Knot Type
NK Number of Knots
OD Cup Size (Outside Wire Diameter)
OL Overall Length
PD Pilot Diameter
PiL Pilot Length
PL Part Length
SD Shank Diameter
SS Shank Style
ST Stem Diameter
THD Thread Type
TL Trim Length
WD Wire Diameter

Piloted Bonding Brush

Piloted Bonding Brush Threaded B

Piloted Bonding Brush Threaded L

Piloted Bonding Brush Hex

Solid Fill End Brush Straight Shank

Fountain Brush

Twist-in Wire Brush

Twist-in Cup Brush

Cup Brush with Stem

Print Crimped Wire

Knotted Wire Wheel Brush

Miniature Wheel Brush

Pilot Print

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